Sagasoda User Guide

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The Map

The opening screen shows a map of your area if geolocation is enabled. If geolocation is not enabled, a default location is selected. Icons represent vending machines. The floating palette shows the basic tools: Home screen (logo), Drinks List (on small-screen devices), Upload, Current Location, and About.

The Main Drinks List

The drinks list shows all the drinks available in vending machines that are shown in the map. The list is updated as you pan around the map. On small-screen devices, bring up the list by tapping on the list icon in the button palette. On large-screen devices, the list is displayed on the right side of the screen.

The drinks in the list are sorted by drink type. When you select a drink from the list, the machines with that drink will be indicated in the map with an info window showing the price and volume of the selected drink vended from that machine.

Machines on the Map

The different icons represent the machine brands. Selecting a machine will display an info window and the orientation marker. The orientation marker has an arrowhead pointing in the direction facing the front of the machine, and can help you identify which side of a street you should expect to find the machine.

Machine Details

Tap the Info icon in the info window to show the details of that machine. On large-screen devices, the info appears in a panel on the right of the window. The Drinks List icon at the top of the panel will switch the panel back to the drinks list. On small-screen devices, the info panel slides and can be retracted with the arrow icon.

Adding (Uploading) New Machines

The plus icon will bring up a file selection dialog. Select a geotagged photo of a vending machine to upload to Sagasoda. You do not need to have a user account to add a new machine and fill out the initial information. However, you will need a user account to edit existing machines.

After successfully uploading an image file, you can fill out the basic information and save it.

Updating Location

The locate icon will update your location on the map, if geolocation is enabled.

Adding to the Home Screen (iOS)

On an iOS device, Sagasoda will behave like a mobile web app (no browser address bar or buttons) if you add it to your home screen.


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